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A magical week at SLA

From the moment I arrived at the 2008 SLA conference, I knew this year was going to be different. We had a new Web site and blog, a new booth, an exciting social knowledge networks strategy to unveil, new products, great promotions, and a record number of customers in attendance.

We did our research on market trends and new social media technologies, and engaged industry pundits. Our lighthouse accounts were telling us we were on to something, and anxiously awaited release of our next version of Presto. But I still didn’t know what to expect. How would the market at large react? How would the media? And most important, our large base of customers?

Once our customers, such as RV Anderson and NASA, gave presentations, word started to spread that something interesting was happening at Inmagic. For me, the highlight of the conference came when Paula Hane, News Bureau Chief of Information Today Inc., stopped by the booth to learn first hand about “the new Inmagic” and what the buzz was all about.

Paula has known Phil Green, our CTO, for a long time, and has followed Inmagic for years. We shared fond memories of Betty Eddison, our founder who was instrumental in shaping SLA. Betty passed away several years ago, but those who knew her said she would have been very proud of her company and the promise of our future as we embrace social media and the new generation of special libraries and knowledge management it will enable.

Paula couldn’t have stopped by at a better time. There was a session break and traffic in the exhibit area was high. Our magician had attracted a crowd in front of our booth, and we had several demonstrations running with clusters of people hovering over the monitors seeing first hand what a social knowledge management system looked like or taking a look at Genie on DB/Text.

Thanks for stopping by Paula! And thanks for sharing your impressions and reactions with your readership. Take a look at her blog post as she shares her own thoughts of Inmagic.

The title of our Strategic Technical Alliances presentation, “Socializing the Library -- Future Vision or Reality?,” seems very apropos now that SLA is behind us. I’m happy to report that the answer is now clear ... reality!

See you all at next year’s SLA Conference in Washington, DC!

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Paula Hane said...

Thanks, Mike. It was my pleasure to hear about the new developments at Inmagic. Best of luck with your new initiatives.
Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief, ITI


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