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Notes from the SLA floor

Hello everybody! Bridget here from the Inmagic PR team. I just checked in with our Inmagic team on the SLA floor, and everything seems to be going great!

As you already heard from Mike, the past few months have been a real whirlwind, but SLA is finally here. The team has already seen some fascinating presentations, and they sent me their notes on RV Anderson's recent demonstration.

RVA's Kirsten Warren and Terri Zimmer talked about their white paper, "Engineering KM 2.0: Disturbing the Status Quo." They told us all about RVA's new information and knowledge management initiative, and how they got there.

The team at RVA was at an information impasse. They were at a loss as to what to do with all of their information. Engineering is a knowledge-based profession, after all. The solution to their problem didn’t just require technology, it needed “open sharing” of information and the tools for knowledge transfer.

RVA's wish list of features: Easy to use, Web 2.0 capable, intuitive, little IT support, customizable, and secure. RVA did a thorough software evaluation, and found that different packages could do separate pieces, but they were hard pressed to find one that met all of their needs.

Then they found Inmagic Presto. Presto is based on passive SQL, .Net, and XML. It has active settings and multi-level security; and users don't need to be trained in HTML or programming. For RVA, it was truly a platform they could use to grow and develop.

RVA found Presto easy to use and totally intuitive. All in all, implementation was a “really positive experience.” The system has external RSS feeds and alerts, and it's highly customizable. We were also pleased to hear that RVA is excited for the new version of Presto so they can take advantage of the embedded blogs, tagging, Wiki fields, and ratings.

That's all from me for now, but be sure to come back as I'll be posting more SLA news as it takes place.

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