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Sounding off from SLA

Take a look out your window. See that? The dust has finally settled over SLA! (Much to Mike's enjoyment. ;)

Now that we've had a chance to get back to our inboxes and keyboards, we're putting together our retrospective coverage of the event. We've got audio. We've got video. We've got pics. We've got the scoop!

Today we sent several hours of video to our video editor to start breaking down our footage. There's quite a mix of subjects, including Phil's presentation of the new Presto, and interviews with Inmagic customers and partners, as well as Phil and Mike doing improv.

We captured the magic of the official Inmagic magician, Seffan Soule, who wowed the crowd at our booth with his card tricks. If all goes well (fingers crossed), we should have the first video posted here this week.

We also conducted some one-on-one podcasting with SLA attendees. Here's the first one out of the oven: our interview with Amy Maule. She's a librarian for CH2M Hill in the company's Portland office, and we caught up with her at the customer reception at the end of the day.

We chatted about how librarians are putting a twist on reaching out to and supporting patrons. Her organization also uses DB/Text (now in the process of upgrading from version 9 to 11) and Web Publisher Pro, and she talks about how her organization uses them.

Listen now by clicking the player, below, or download to your iPod of MP3 player by clicking this post's title.

Thanks, Amy, for taking time out of your busy day to speak with us! And readers, keep your eye on the blog (or subscribe) to keep up with our post-event coverage of SLA. You can also bookmark this link or click the tag "SLA Conference 2008" to pull up all of our show coverage.

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