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SLA afterglow

Mike and I are stuck in Atlanta for another two hours, so I thought I'd use the time to share a few highlights of the SLA show. It was a great success on all fronts!

Our customers were terrific, the new social knowledge networks messaging was spot on, our new graphics looked great, and booth traffic was strong. Our PR agency was working overtime to ensure great coverage, and the results exceeded expectations. (See the fantastic Information Today blog.)

With support from our partner, Andornot, the Inmagic customer reception was very well attended. So much so, it was standing room only with spill-over into the hall. We had some outstanding presentations to new and current prospects, thanks to Jeff Wolfe of NASA and Terri Zimmer at R.V. Anderson and Associates Limited (RVA).

Our very own magician, Steffan Soule, made this event an exciting way to launch the second half of 2008. Yes, I was a bit skeptical at first about the magician, but he was truly amazing. He had the Inmagic story down cold, and completely integrated our value proposition into his tricks. He also seemed genuinely excited about turning over interesting prospects to our sales staff. Thanks, Steffan!

And, as if the above wasn't exciting enough, those of us in Seattle had the privilege of watching one of our long-time leaders spin cartwheels in the street. Who knew Mr. Green had such hidden talent?

More updates to follow at the company meeting, but I urge you to check in with the show attendees for their perspectives. Everyone did a great job of working the booth, interacting with prospects and clients, and making us "the buzz of the show" according to a prospect in our booth.

Please join me in thanking the show staff (Mike, Gina, Jean, Phil, Jason, Stephen V., Ryan, Kevin, Kipo), as well as those that provided support before, during, and after the event (Liz, John R., Kathy, Stephen G., Matt D., and Carolyn), and any others I might have missed.

SLA 2008 was a great milestone event for Inmagic, and the cherry on top was an amazing Celtic's win! The Fox Sports Grill was a great venue at which to watch the Celtic’s trounce L.A., and it was great to share the excitement with many East Coast neighbors. The Copyright Clearing Center team deserves a special shout out. We were booth neighbors, and we loved those "WE BEAT L.A.!" t-shirts.

The week would have ended perfectly if Mike and I weren't stuck in Atlanta with a delayed arrival time of 2:30 this morning. But c'est la vie. I just love business travel!

See you all tomorrow.


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