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SLA, here we come!

What a day, week, month, few months …

We're getting the last ducks in a row for our presentation at the Special Libraries Association Conference 2008 in Seattle on Tuesday. We're pretty stoked.

It'll be a huge event for us. We're unveiling a host of new initiatives for our company: our latest version of Inmagic® Presto, our new Social Knowledge Network strategy, our first blog (seen right here!), a freshly designed Web site, and several other plans involving customers and industry players.

But honestly, I can’t wait until SLA is over and I can finally take a breather, see my wife and kids, and smell the roses of life again. I must admit, though, I thrive on the pace. I’ve found in my life that great things happen when people are busy and working together to make something happen.

And it certainly is fun being at the center of helping take Inmagic, our customers, and hopefully our industry into the exciting new world of Social Knowledge Networks.

Just 24 hours to go before my hour glass runs out and I need to start packing for my trip to Seattle. Plus work out the bugs on the blog ... close the loop with customers for quotes and approvals for our press releases ... update the Web site ... make sure the magician knows how to get to the booth on Monday ... double check that we’re all set for the KM (knowledge management) reception Sunday night.

I sure hope the Celtics game isn't over by then. I’ll be depressed if I don’t see them beat the Lakers on the tube. Isn’t Sunday Father’s Day? And my son’s birthday? Oh well ...

Oh, our exhibit booth! Did we remember everything? The collateral, give-ways? (I’m going to buy one of those Bose headphones we’re giving away. They’re cool and I deserve it after this.)

Don’t forget, Michael, you have to check-in with Jeff Wolfe to make sure he’s set with logistics. I hope we have a good showing at the tech alliance session on Tuesday. NASA is one of our lightship accounts, and I hope people come to see him. Their application is so cool.

Now that I think about it, I should have realized that the tech alliance sessions compete with the conference agenda, and just asked him to be our guest at our customer reception Tuesday night. We’re expecting over 100 people then!

But alas, back to work. Lots to do!

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