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This is the new Inmagic

First, we take the company you've known for over 25 years. The products you love, the infrastructure you trust. Then we add a little ingenuity, a little creativity, and a little thought leadership. With a snap of the fingers, a wave of the wand, and POOF … the new Inmagic.

Welcome to the new age of knowledge management -- the confluence of content management systems, knowledge management systems, and social tools to create networks of knowledge.

At Inmagic, we're delivering the same great products, but in an exciting new way. We're turning our gaze towards technology industries, collaboration, and social networking. We're challenging ourselves, our customers, and the entire information management industry to rethink roles, and recognize Inmagic as a thought leader.

This blog is where we'll be introducing you to the world of Knowledge 2.0. I encourage you to let your hair down, throw away the old image of libraries as stuffy repositories of books, and think about an infinite space of exciting and ever-evolving new information that can be shared and extended to meet your changing needs.

This is our Social Knowledge Network. This is your tool. This is Inmagic.

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