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Center stage at SLA

If you've been waiting on the edge of your seat to see our "Socializing the Library: Future Vision or Reality?" presentation from SLA, you can sit back now and enjoy the show.

Mike and Phil take you though the concept and implementation of Social Knowledge Networks, and Presto's role in enabling them.

The guys turned the mic over to Jeff Wolfe, Photo Planner for InDyne's Kennedy Integrated Communications Services for the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He talks about how he uses Presto to manage the space center's digital content, which includes 5 million photos and tens of thousands of videos of space shuttle launches.

After the presentation, we were able to take Jeff aside for a few moments to discuss his experiences with Presto in more depth. That video is on tap, along with a few others. We'll also be posting a complete transcript of the presentation in the next couple days.

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Anonymous said...

I’ve been on Inmagic’s Board of Directors for several years and never have I felt the type of excitement from the Inmagic team coming back from SLA. I wish I was there to see first hand the reaction from our many customers in attendance to our new social knowledge networks strategy and new products. New social media technologies will have a profound effect on our industry in ways that are not too dissimilar to the impact of the internet.

Inmagic and the thousands of organizations who rely on our products are at the center of this change. Speaking for the entire Inmagic Board of Directors, our shareholders and employees I want to thank the SLA for sponsoring a great event, our many customers (both present and future) who stopped by our booth, the many who came to our reception and the countless others who simply stopped by to enter one of our promotions or see a magic trick at our booth for their time, support and enthusiasm. These are exciting times in our industry and for all of us in the Inmagic community.

David Darsch, Inmagic Board of Directors


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