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The revolution will be televised

The folks at Common Craft recently created this video about the benefits of social media. I thought I would share it with you to help you gain an understanding of the buzz and benefits we're seeing at Inmagic.

Now just substitute “ice cream” with “knowledge,” and you'll begin to understand the power and promise that social media holds for revolutionizing knowledge management.

But unlike the video, at Inmagic we believe this is not an “us versus them” thing. Knowledge can and will come from two directions:

1. the information center (the ice cream factory)
2. individuals (members of Scoopville)

The power of a social knowledge network approach to knowledge management is that you get one repository with tightly integrated top-down (vetted) and bottom-up (social) information. Social rating and comments enhance and inform the vetted information. Blogs direct users, or members of the knowledge community, to new and interesting content.

Users don’t want more silos created by social media. They want a consolidated knowledge repository with the latest and highest quality news, research, and information AND they want the advice and commentary of their peers to make this information richer.

So learn about social media, but think about how this can be used to take your knowledge repository, and/or your OPAC, to a new level. This is not a content repository with a blog on the side. This is a whole new way to build, maintain, publish, and create community around information. This is the Social Knowledge Network Revolution. Viva la revolution!

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