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Socializing the Library: Inmagic's SLA presentation slides

There's no doubt one of the highlights for at the 2008 SLA Conference was the presentation by Jeff Wolfe, Photo Planner for InDyne and a NASA contractor serving the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Jeff was a hit. But I'm willing to say that we warmed the crowd up for him -- right, Jeff? Before Jeff took the podium, Phil and I gave our presentation Socializing the Library - A Future Vision or Reality?

I know there's a lot of you out there who couldn't make it to Seattle this year, so I thought I'd post the PowerPoint slides online in addition to the video.

The first part of the presentation gave an outline of the new generation of knowledge management. I spoke about our customers, the new opportunities they have in the realm of social knowledge, and how we can help bring them to those levels.

Then Phil introduced the audience to our newest product, Inmagic Presto. Presto is our new and improved social knowledge network platform. Simply put, it's a tightly knit integration of traditional knowledge and information management tools with social media.


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