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The social network vs. the social knowledge network

After I posted about how social knowledge networks apply to engineering earlier this week, I was thinking I should go back into the post and italicize or highlight the word "knowledge" in this sentence:
After our engineer has tapped her personal social network, she taps the company's social knowledge network.
I really want to emphasize that our notion of a social knowledge network is quite different from social networking. Our strategy is based on enhancing content by connecting people, not merely on connecting people.

In a social knowledge network, connections and discussions are made around the content, such as one or more documents, drawings, images, etc. In this way, the content becomes the enabler, the catalyst, to connect people and help them get their job done more efficiently.

Once these connections are made, the content becomes more relevant, and social intelligence (or what we like to call "the wisdom of the community") is captured. That's light years away from merely connecting people.

Social networking is an important trend, with clear benefits for business and personal networking. In contrast,the social knowledge network is an emerging trend, with exceptional benefits for capturing and exploiting corporate knowledge by leveraging the wisdom of the corporate community.

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