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Our notion of "social security" in the enterprise

Every day we discuss "social in the enterprise," which is simply another way to refer to social knowledge networks, and how social media technologies can form the platform for knowledge management. But a common gut reaction among people -- me included -- is the perceived lack of security and control surrounding social knowledge networks.

We hear this from almost every prospect we talk to. This perception is probably created in part when we read stories about the security weaknesses in social media technologies.

For instance, Wired recently covered a story about how hackers developed a rogue Facebook application that unwitting users installed on their profiles. Once installed, the application could take down targeted Web sites without users knowing.

So one of our challenges is to crisply explain how our notion of social in the enterprise addresses the issues of security and control front and center.

At Inmagic, security is of the highest importance. We are not Facebook or MySpace. These are consumer-focused social media technologies that were not conceived nor designed with enterprise requirements in mind.

Presto was conceived from the start with enterprise needs in mind. While both Facebook and Presto aim to socialize people and information, they come at it from very different vantage points.

We are a serious vendor that deeply understands the problems associated with unfettered access and lack of security, and we provide Presto and all our solutions with that always in mind.

To demonstrate this, we're going to drill down into the security features baked into Presto. These measures create a secure social environment where information professionals can confidently access, store, manage, and share their organizations' knowledge.

We'll be posting these features over the coming days and weeks, so check back soon!

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