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Tell us your top social knowledge management needs

We've been getting many questions from our customers about how to develop their social knowledge networks, plan their social library strategies, and set forward-looking priorities to efficiently integrate the new platforms into their organizations.

But we know they are also many customers we haven't heard from yet. So we're providing customers a survey to tell us more about their social knowledge management needs.

What's missing from your workflow? What tools do you need to make your day go by smoother, to get work done more effectively, and to serve your organization better?

Our aim is to learn more about what types of organizations are using social knowledge in their infrastructures, and how it's working (or not) for them. We'll use the results to better help our customers create their social knowledge networks and strategies surrounding them.

After taking the survey, if you have ideas for making it better or want to provide other feedback, please feel free to comment here.

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