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900 webinar registrants and counting

I was just checking in to see how we're doing with registration for our social knowledge network webinar, and we're up to 900 registrants. Yowsa! Clearly our webinar and interest in social knowledge networks are resonating with the market.

I think this excitement and buzz around social knowledge networks confirms what we, our customers, and the industry are seeing: Social media is undoubtedly entering the enterprise. It's presenting a potentially significant impact on knowledge management applications, and people want to learn more about it.

Including The Gilbane Group and sharing some of their very relevant and timely research and insights is also contributing to the overwhelming response. And certainly, KMWorld's breadth of reach to its readers and other industry followers fuels registration as well!

We're investing our time and effort to make this webinar interesting and content rich. Our focus is to share a deeper and new perspective on the application of social technologies as it relates to knowledge management, and provoke thought in an informative and educational way.

So don't let the number 900 deter you -- we still have room for more registrants. Sign up here, and see you there!

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Barbara said...

Phil: Great webinar. How do I get a copy of the presentation? I am working with a client who is exploring integrating social networking as part of their KM plan for their service division. I think these concepts would be of interest to them.

Barbara Shannon
Shannon Solutions, Inc.
914 954-5999


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