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Kicking off the Internet Librarian Conference 2008

Today is day one of the Internet Librarian Conference 2008, where our sales team is stationed for the next three days (sans moi, as I help hold down the fort here at the office).

They'll be at booth 217 giving attendees glimpses of Presto 3.0 in advance of our major release, as well as demonstrating the latest release of Genie, our Web-based integrated library system (ILS) for DB/Text.

They'll also be fielding questions about social knowledge networks (SKNs), and how they work to enrich companies' domain expertise and streamline their search and discovery processes. We're hoping attendees will come away with a better understanding of this new shape the knowledge management (KM) and content management (CM) industries are taking.

We'll also be covering the conference here on the blog, so watch this space for show news, interviews with customers and attendees, and more.

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