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Looking back on Internet Librarian, from Shannon

Now that Internet Librarian is over and the jet lag has worn off, I have a few minutes to look back on this year’s show. Whether or not you attended the show, you can probably guess from its title that it attracts many forward-thinking librarians and information professionals interested in Web 2.0 and social media.

Several tracks at the show were dedicated to these topics. We saw presentations from information professionals at various companies and consulting agencies, who shared their research, experiences, and knowledge to help their peers improve knowledge management in their organizations.

One very interesting presentation was from Tom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect at KAPS Group. In his presentation, “Improving Navigation and Findability,” he referenced public-facing Web and e-commerce sites such as CNN and Forbes to demonstrate how information is organized for consumers.

Reamy stressed that technologies must be integrated, and cannot just sit solo on top of the main content structure. With the development of Presto and our campaign against information silos, this statement of integration was the mantra at our booth.

It was exciting to see so many presentations about the technologies and ideas we have come to embrace at Inmagic. As attendees poured out of the meeting rooms after the sessions, our yin-yang graphic became a beacon, and excited guests flooded our booth with questions about how blogs and tagging could work in a knowledge management repository, and how it could help them achieve their goals within their special libraries.

We also had a great time meeting with Paula Hane, Chief of Information Today's News Bureau. She came by to speak with us about Inmagic’s growth and new version of Presto. I think she intended to stay for only a few minutes, but ended up parking in our booth for over an hour while Kipo, our Solutions Engineer, demoed Presto to several groups of people.

More to come about the show from the rest of the team. For me, it's back to the grind! ;)

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