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Reactions positive at Internet Librarian 2008

This in from Shannon, Inmagic's MARCOM Manager, reporting last night from the Internet Librarian Conference (oy, time difference!):
It's just past 6:30 p.m., and the exhibition hall is closing it's doors for the evening. Tons of traffic at the booth, fueled by excitement about social media (and the close proximity to the yummy snack table).

Saw a bunch of existing customers, some who've been with us since the 80s, and some new faces. People really reacted to the idea of integrating social media with the librarian's discretion. Social volume knob made eyes glow and smiles grow. It might be the new buzzword of Internet Librarian!

So far, so good. Green is good. People really like the Low Carbon Footprint Presto theme. The graphic really drew people to the booth after they attended social presentations.

Ok, being kicked out. Gotta go. Adios!

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