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The Road to Social Knowledge Networks

We've talked extensively about social knowledge networks, what they are, and how they work in enterprise knowledge management. But you might be wondering, How do I get there?

Wonder no more. Welcome to the first installment of the series, “The Road to Social Knowledge Networks.” Each week, I'll shed light on the concept of social knowledge networks and how social media is helping drive their creation in the enterprise.

By the end, you should have a greater understanding of what a SKN is, and, just as important, what it is not. You'll learn why SKNs are important to the enterprise, social libraries, and more, and start to see the valuable role they play in content management for almost any company.

The beauty of the blog is that it allows me to keep it short, sweet, and to the point, and opens up the forum for you to tell me what you think throughout the discussion. So keep the feedback coming!

And with that, I leave you a sneak peek into the topics you'll read about:

Stage 1: The junk drawer

Stage 2: Infinite search

Stage 3: Silo mentality

Stage 4: Separate but equal

Stage 5: Kumbaya

Stage 6: The final phase, Nirvana

What is a social knowledge network

Why you should care

What is the social volume knob

Parting thoughts

Stay tuned next week as we dive in and take a look at the evolution of information management and how we got on this road to social knowledge networks in the first place. You can set a bookmark for this address to easily check in for each new chapter. Til next time!

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