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A vote for president is a vote for social empowerment

As most of you know, today is a big day in the United States. We get to vote for the next president. When I stood in the booth this morning, I was struck by how empowering casting my vote felt.

It's a feeling not unlike that experienced by many of our customers moving to social knowledge networks. They report similar feelings of empowerment as they migrate to the new technology.

The reason? They can finally talk back to the knowledge management system. They can point out errors or add tips and techniques not mentioned in a particular document. Experts within the organization can blog about key industry trends, sharing their knowledge to a wide audience. Just like in voting, users "cast" their knowledge throughout the organization.

The feeling of empowerment that is created from this drives a social knowledge network. Users want to share their wisdom, voice their opinions, and educate others. So get out and vote, and let the commenting, rating, and blogging begin.

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