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We just pulled a new Web site out of our hat

We already mentioned our newly redesigned Web site today, but I wanted to give the project -- and everyone involved -- their due credit.

Our new site, launched today, marks the culmination of a lot of hard work from the team over the past several weeks, namely Liz, Kathy, Shannon, and myself. Here's the homepage:

Some of the goals for the Web site changes are:
  • Make the main landing pages approachable and easier to navigate, which will -- we hope! -- positively impact our ability to get our message across.

  • Align our Web site with our current product packaging and positioning. You’ll see new Presto and Library Suite landing pages, for example.

  • Present Inmagic as a modern, growing, exciting organization that works closely with leading companies and organizations to help them solve their critical problems.
What you see today is the first phase of our work. This phase includes significant changes to our homepage, main product page, product landing pages, and company info page. It also includes some clean up of older product material.

Phase two will include a thorough addition-by-subtraction exercise of removing old, out of date or irrelevant content. Come on now, we are Inmagic after all. ;-)

Phases three and four are currently being planned, but will likely include further enhancements to how we present our solutions using video, podcasts, blogs, and much more.

Everyone on the Web site team is very excited about this project. We hope the ongoing changes will reflect the energy we all have for moving Inmagic to the next level, and will further present ourselves as an exciting, growing company!

(P.S. Our next Road to SKNs post will be appearing on the blog later this week. Frankly, we're a little wrapped up in celebrating right now!)

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