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No, I'm not talking about Steve Carell's latest movie with Anne Hathaway or the more vintage TV version with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. I'm talking about what happens when book smarts and street smarts align, and social knowledge networks collide. Welcome to the next step in our Road to Social Knowledge Networks.

Last week I told you what SKNs are. Today, I'm exploring why you should care, and what happens when organizations use them.

With social knowledge networks, the goal is to reach a state where core knowledge is collected, organized, accessible; and then where it can be enhanced, embraced, and informed by the wisdom of the community. So what can you gain from it?

Productivity. SKNs are not about the technology. They're about you and your organization becoming more efficient by accessing reliable information you can use to make better business decisions and achieve organizational objectives.

Wisdom. SKNs connect people by the problem they are solving, and break down department boundaries. Information takes many forms, with an SKN heterogeneous data is easily accessed and shared. And the wisdom of the community is tightly connected to the content and is crucial to the creation of value.

Truth. In SKNs, socialization is content-centric. There is no "separate but equal." Rather, there is a tight integration between content and social commentary to make the information more relevant, easier to find, and of higher value.

SKNs create an environment where internal documents, subscription research, and other vetted information makes users book smart,

and where the advice of colleagues makes users street smart.

Problems that could not previously be solved and insights that could not previously be gained, are discovered. We call this new level of intelligence "social intelligence."

Key take-away: Social knowledge networks are about finding the truth and enabling social intelligence.

If you're wondering what the fine print to all this might be, your curiosity will soon be satisfied. I'll explain the caveat next week.

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