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Social library is back -- but for good?

As Phil so eloquently opined the other day, "the social library is back." But now that it's here, is it destined to never leave? Will there be a day when special libraries are completely social?

I got to thinking about this when I read this article on U Penn's Knowledge @ Wharton blog. It explores the possibility of the Web becoming entirely social, as information discovery increasingly involves social networking activities.

I wanted to leave my two cents, but the site has closed it's commenting window. (It's open for 30 days after the article is published.) Alas, I will leave my comment here! These are my thoughts:

Great article, really makes you think about the power of social technologies. Pondering the future of an entirely social Web is not unlike some of the thoughts circulating the special library space right now.

The role of the librarian (corporate, academic, or otherwise) is one of content provider and content user. Because their unique role is at the crux of content and social technologies, special libraries have a good chance of emerging as the poster-child for effective social strategies.

Right now, I think the big question is around timing. How long until special libraries make the jump to being completely social?

What do you think? Will libraries become entirely social? When? And will it last?

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