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Alex Burdenko breaks the ice

Consider this your virtual handshake with Inmagic's Director of Engineering, Alex Burdenko. He's helping us kick off our Meet the Team series.

We talked to him recently, and learned about his professional background, what he does at Inmagic, his thoughts on the socialization of the library, and his favorite outdoor activities.

His podcast interview is coming up. In the meantime, here's our Q&A with Alex:

I have been an employee at Inmagic for

6 months.

The most interesting book I’ve read recently is

A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel.

The last movie I saw was

I am Legend.

My favorite gadget is

My Nintendo Wii.

My secret vice is

I like to read science fiction and fantasy books by authors such as David Gemmel, Isaac Asimov, and Terry Brooks.

My favorite social tool is


My sports team of choice is

The Boston Red Sox, of course.

The first song on my favorite playlist is

TI's "Live Your Life."

If I could be anywhere right now, I’d be

Right here.

My defining Inmagic moment

Was during my interview here. I realized the caliber of the people, and I wanted to be a part of building a great company.

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