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Fielded wikis to drive semantic Web adoption

There’s an interesting discussion going on over at ReadWriteWeb. Feature writer Alex Iskold penned a piece about trends in semantic Web technologies, and how these technologies can be used.

Some of the commenters have remarked on the slow adoption of semantic products. I agree, and in my comment I offer an answer. Adoption begins with people who are connected and motivated by the problem they are solving. This typically includes the quest for content and information.

That’s why we’re seeing more companies using meta tags to enhance their information repositories. But meta tagging falls short of achieving this objective because it’s not domain specific.

We need a technology known as “fielded wiki.” It allows domain-specific information to be added to the system. Field + Data = Semantic Smart. Like social knowledge networks, this promises to foster richer repositories, more relevant search results, and more rapid information discovery.

More on this in my comment on ReadWriteWeb.

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