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Gartner makes it easier to get social buy-in

As we look into 2009, it's great to know social tools have made Gartner's “Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2009.” To some, it might appear they are late to the party. But this is an important step for enterprise knowledge management and special libraries.

You might be saying, “Big deal. Another top 10 list. Who cares?” I’ll tell you. Your boss. Why? Because when Gartner identifies a “megatrend,” you can be sure upper management will sit up and take notice.

Without this sort of endorsement, it’s been easy for management to put the idea of a social strategy on the back burner. “Social tools make sense on the Internet for sites like Amazon, but not behind the firewall at my firm.”

Because of this view, organizations that have implemented social knowledge networks often rely on a social champion to kick start the initiative. Typically, this person is younger and generally educates management on the benefits of social tools and the wisdom of the community.

Here at Inmagic, we work hand-in-hand with social champions to help shape and guide organizations' socialization of key content. Sometimes a VP, partner, CIO, or CEO needs to hear real-world examples of how other firms are using social tools to enhance enterprise content.

Through the experience of our deep customer base, we can effectively explain and showcase the benefits of socializing enterprise content to upper management.

Now that '09 is upon us and Gartner's announcement will theoretically begin to unfurl, I think it will change those preconceptions, especially as Gartner’s customers get briefings and newsletters on the benefits of social tools within the enterprise.

And as upper management gets educated, the dynamic is going to switch from, “Why are you proposing this?” to, “Why aren’t we moving faster?” This in turn will trickle down to your boss and you.

Inmagic is more than happy to help you get in front of this request and develop a social content strategy that is in line with the future direction of enterprise technology. Give us a call.

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