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Getting good at the virtual handshake

If you're a regular reader to the blog, you've probably been able to glean a bit of insight into the personalities and backgrounds of some of the Inmagic team. But there's more to us than that!

We're a friendly, eclectic bunch, and aren't afraid to open up and share our stories. So in that spirit, we're spilling our beans on the blog. You'll be able to "Meet the Team" through podcast interviews and short Q&As with Inmagic employees.

We'll be talking professional -- careers, position at Inmagic, thoughts on the industry. And we'll be getting personal -- what do you do when Inmagic closes for the day?

By the time we're through, we think you'll be great at the virtual handshake, and know a little more about what makes us tick. We're working on our first Meet the Team podcast, and will be posting it soon.

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