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Inside Social Presto development with Alex Burdenko

We talk a lot about the power of Presto 3.0 with all of its social tools. But ever wonder how this baby was born?

Inmagic's Director of Engineering, Alex Burdenko, has the answers. He gave us the scoop when we talked to him for our Meet the Team podcast series. You can listen to the interview below.

You'll learn about Alex's professional background in software development, and what brought him to Inmagic. He takes us behind the scenes of the development of Social Presto, and tells us how customer feedback was integral to the team's decision-making process.

Alex also gives us advice for prioritizing your day to stay productive. He operates on a true agile developer's mentality of "only build what you need," because situations and resources change quickly.

Press play to learn more about Alex.

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