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Learn how to shift to a social library at tomorrow's webinar

Many info pros agree socialization of the library is indeed the next big trend in knowledge management and library science. But questions remain regarding exactly what steps to take to make this shift, and how it will impact their organization and career.

Inmagic's Phil Green is attempting to fill in the blanks during a free webinar tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST. If you're considering socializing your library, we'll have some valuable advice for getting buy-in and ensuring a cost-effective deployment.

Even if your organization isn't ready to go social, Phil will provide insight into the social library trend, how we got here, where we stand today, and what tomorrow's outlook might look like.

Phil will also introduce our latest app, Presto for Social Libraries. He'll show you how to use it to create a SOPAC (Social Online Public Access Catalog). It's where info pros develop and maintain the knowledge repository, while patrons add value to the content and share ideas using social media tools. It's an application of social knowledge networks in the special library environment.

We think the webinar is good information for any special librarian, research center director, CIO, or knowledge management professional who wants to stay abreast of industry developments and technologies, and learn about social knowledge networks.

If you'd like to join us, please register on our Web site. And set a reminder for 2 p.m. EST tomorrow!

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