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Most popular blog posts of 2008

We were perusing our blog traffic report for 2008, and one major metric we looked at was the most popular blog posts. Technically, these were the most popular posts from the last seven months of the year, because we launched the blog in June.

Out of the 126 posts we published during the time, these 10 were read the most:

1. Internet Librarian reactions, from Dave

2. Engineering the social knowledge network vision

3. Our inaugural Info Pro-file: Robin Hastings, part 1

4. Google validates social knowledge networks

5. Road to Social Knowledge Networks series

6. Is social media suited for older generations?

7. Everything you want to know about social knowledge networks, revealed

8. The social network vs. the social knowledge network

9. Buckets of fun: Segmenting social knowledge management markets

10. Ideas for increasing participation in social media

It's thanks to you, our readers, that these posts made the top 10 list. We think that's because these topics are probably of most interest to you. From this data, a few topics it seems you're focused on are the Internet Librarian conference, learning how to create and manage social knowledge networks, and meeting fellow info pros.

But please, correct us if we are wrong! And let us know what else you'd like to see on the blog. What burning questions do you want answered? What topics do you want covered? And even, what media would you like it in? Text, podcast, video? We'd love to hear from you.

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