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Social knowledge network nutshell

We might have reached the end of the Road to Social Knowledge Networks, but there remains much to consider. Let's review the biggest take-aways from our adventure.

Social knowledge networks are not a junk drawer of data, strewn across a shared network drive. They are not simple search engines, siloed information centers, or purely social environments.

While social knowledge networks draw upon these technologies, the key to creating a true SKN is remembering knowledge is more than vetted research, books, or image repositories. And it's more than social communications and networking. It's the combination of the two.

A social knowledge network provides a one-stop shop for information. It's a secure place where content and social media can be controlled using a social volume knob. The community can enhance and inform the content, creating social intelligence.

When we work with clients all around the world, we are trying to help them increase the value and use of their information assets.

This means helping them move from a state where information is disorganized and privately held, to a state where information is organized, accessible, enhanced, and informed by the community. That's where we gain productivity, wisdom, and truth.

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