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Social media in '09 and beyond with Dr. Nora Barnes

Some companies are completely on board with social media, and have embraced it whole-heartedly. Others dabble in it. And still others know nothing about it.

It's interesting to drill down into all of these categories, but for today, we're focusing on the gung-ho social media users. Helping us is Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, who really knows her stuff when it comes to all things social.

You might remember Dr. Barnes (pictured right) from a recent post by John Callan. He attended the Gilbane Boston Conference a couple of months ago, and was intrigued by a presentation from Dr. Barnes. So we hooked up for a podcast to talk more about her presentation. You can listen to it below.

In her presentation, Dr. Barnes talked about her study which found Inc. 500 companies have the highest rates of adoption of social media technologies, compared to other corporate organizations.

In our podcast, we unfold these findings further. Dr. Barnes attributes the Inc. 500's social media leadership to their smaller size. It might give them more flexibility and agility to quickly adopt new technologies and incorporate them into their businesses.

We also talked about her views on social media and content management, and whether they should be segregated or combined. Her answer was blunt: "I think that unless they converge, we've got a problem."

She also offered her perspective on the development of social media in 2009. She shared her advice for merging social media and content management in the enterprise, and how to realize the benefits of that confluence.

And, if you're a corporate blogger like us, pay particular attention to when we talk about corporate blogs and Forrester's recent report that found only 16 percent of people trust them.

Dr. Barnes admits company blogs don't interest her too much, unless they are focused on helping customers, and not simply spouting market speak.

We think we're an example of one that's for the customer. That's not to say we are the best, but our blog stats show our readers trust us because they keep coming back. In fact, we'll posting more our 2008 blog stats over the coming week so you can judge for yourself.

In the meantime, listen to our podcast with Dr. Barnes.

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