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Where you come from

Well, we've known for years it's not the stork. But our blog stat engine isn't interested in the birds and the bees. It's interested in where you and your computer come from geographically.

We're able to get an idea of where you are when you read our blog, and we can see it depicted on this visitor map. Have a look at a recent version.

Is that you waving a flag on America's East Coast? Or Canada? U.K.? India? Australia?

Now, this map changes every day, so what you see here might well be different from what we would have seen yesterday, last week, last month, or last year.

But in all cases, what we're seeing is that our readers -- people interested in our thoughts on knowledge management, special libraries, and social knowledge networks -- hail from around the globe.

It makes sense, since our network of customers and partners criss-crosses the world. However, the most highly concentrated reader region, as you can see, is the northeastern U.S.

Perhaps this is because the area is often considered an epicenter of innovation, with its high number of major cities, national and international enterprises, venture capital firms, and top universities.

Organizations here might be more likely to adopt cutting-edge social technologies. And it doesn't hurt that we're based in Woburn, Mass.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: Social knowledge network technology is on the radar of info pros around the world.

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