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Your place in the knowledge ecosystem

You probably studied Earth's ecosystem in grade school, and learned about habitats, organisms, and our place in the cycle. But, as we found out from our interview with Jeff Kelly (right), we might be part of a new ecosystem very soon.

Jeff's not a biologist, but he's certainly well-versed in the ways of knowledge management and social media. He's the Director of Education Solutions at Web 2.0 University and Vice President at Concerted Solutions. Jeff also blogs about next-generation learning and knowledge management at Learn to Adapt.

In our interview, he told us how knowledge management is reshaping into a "knowledge ecosystem," with info pros at its heart. The model consists of capturing knowledge as it's generated, and making it easily discoverable to others. As we add and continuing sharing knowledge, we create a constant collaborative knowledge cycle.

Our initial reason for connecting with Jeff, however, was not because of ecosystems. We wanted to talk more about his view on Venkatesh Rao's proposed social media vs. knowledge management war. You might recall us sharing Jeff's reactionary article on the blog. Jeff believes the war is nonsense, as do we.

So in our interview, you'll also learn why Jeff is a war nay-sayer, and how, in fact, SM and KM are happily married. We also explored several other topics in KM implementation, where Jeff provides his real-world advice for successful initiatives.

For instance, organizations should determine how much control to exercise over social initiatives. Jeff's advice is to err on side of "radical transparency." He believes all members should be able to participate in the social strategy and provide their opinions and knowledge.

He also talks about the changing role of special librarians. As SM and KM continue to converge, Jeff sees special librarians building relationships more. That's because the convergence puts you in touch with not only information, but also people, to help you perform more efficiently.

However, with any new endeavor, there are pitfalls to watch out for. Jeff talks about some big ones that will likely lead to a failed social strategy.

According to Jeff, a better approach for Enterprise 2.0 implementation requires what he calls "the three-legged stool." It consists of proper changes in culture, processes, and technologies to make the implementation work. Jeff provides us some guidance in using this approach in the corporate environment.

Why pay attention to all this? Well, it just might help pull companies out of the economic meltdown, says Jeff. Social tools require low upfront investment, and they are ideal for fostering innovation through collaboration.

Learn more about the new world of KM and Jeff's advice for getting there by clicking play below.


Venkat said...

Lol! Looks like I caused a "enemy's enemy is my friend" relationship here.

All in fun :)


Mike Cassettari said...

Glad there are no hard feelings! :) Thanks for reading.


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