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13 how-to questions about social libraries, answered

We field questions every day about social libraries. Some we get more frequently than others, and these are usually about implementation.

Many of these commonly asked questions were also raised during our last webinar, The Social Library: Beyond the Traditional OPAC. So we compiled these questions and their answers in this document for you to peruse. There's information about deploying our new Presto for Social Libraries platform, how it compares to SharePoint, upgrading from Genie, and more.

Want to know if your question is included in this roundup? Here's a list of the questions we answered. If your question isn't answered here, or you want more information, feel free to drop us a line at 781-938-4442 or
  • Our organization is a Sharepoint shop. Can Sharepoint be used to build social libraries? How does Inmagic Presto for Social Libraries compare?

  • What about the control and security of social tools in the enterprise? How does your solution differ from Facebook, MySpace, and other well-known social networking tools?

  • I'm currently using Inmagic's Genie ILS. Is it possible to upgrade to Presto for Social Libraries?

  • I'm currently using EOSI's Web library application. Is it possible to upgrade to Presto for Social Libraries?

  • Is Presto for Social Libraries an ILS?

  • Any thoughts you can share on how to secure senior management interest and support?

  • Do you offer a hosted solution? Could you talk about Z39.50 features/functions?

  • Is Presto installed and run as an internal/local application?

  • Could your system handle e-journals and e-books that many libraries subscribe to from e-resources vendors?

  • Can taxonomy be integrated into the social library?

  • Can you create more than one social library page for different departments in your organization with one license, or is each social network page a separate purchase?

  • I work at a college which is part of a large university system comprised of about 23 institutions. Would we be able to set up SOPAC so that there are a variety of different views from local levels to other associative levels on the fly, or is this a product that is not designed for such complex structures that are more decentralized?

  • Do you see the SOPAC as useful for a non-profit specialized historical collection? Could the SOPAC accommodate records for non-print materials like artifacts?

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