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Blogging and more with Toronto's Lucas McDonnell

A few weeks ago, we directed your attention to an article that Lucas McDonnell wrote on his blog, Lucas had some interesting thoughts on whether knowledge management can pull your company through the recession, and I left a comment for him. But our conversation didn't end there.

Janelle recently invited Lucas to a Info Pro-file Q&A to learn more about his professional background, blog, and other thoughts and theories on KM. Like most of our e-mail Q&As, they are a little lengthy because we always have so many things to talk about. ;) So, we're breaking up Lucas's interview into two posts, so it's more digestible.

Check out the first half below, where we learn Lucas's unusual story for landing in KM, where he finds inspiration for his blog, and more. Then check back soon to get Lucas's take on trends in KM and social technologies, his idea for what will come after RSS, and tips for staying productive.

JK: Introduce us to Lucas McDonnell. Tell us about who you are and what you do.

LM: Well, first off, I've lived in Toronto, Canada for around the past four years. (I've made my way around eastern Canada in the past ten years -- I guess I find it exciting to move to new cities.)

I currently work for a global professional services firm in knowledge management, where I've started to hone in more specifically on enterprise search. I've been involved in information and knowledge management in one way or another for around the past eight years.

JK: What interested you in knowledge management? Give us a nutshell of your story.

LM: It's kind of a funny story. I was working for a government library as a library technician, mainly shelving and copying books (for electronic document delivery to clients). Being a large library, we were using the Library of Congress classification system -- and part of the section I was responsible for shelving was the "Z" section (which includes library and information science).

As I was already quite intrigued by information and knowledge management after working in several libraries, I started to read articles. After consuming just about everything I could in the library, I decided I should probably venture out and pursue a graduate degree in knowledge management. Who knows -- if I had been assigned a different section, maybe I'd have a completely different job.

JK: You also have a blog, What do you like to write about, and why?

LM: Mainly I write about knowledge management. I also talk about blogging and technology quite a bit (as I'm personally very interested in a wide variety of technologies), as well as related topics, like content and information management. I've also been known to stray into pretty much whatever comes into my head -- part of the benefit of having your own blog.

JK: You take some great photos and post them to your blog too. Is photography just a hobby, or do you do it professionally?

LM: Definitely a hobby. While I've learned a great deal from books and friends who are also interested in photography, I'm still very much on the amateur side of things. I was actually posting photos to Flickr, and then it occurred to me one day that I had my own space on the Web, so why not post my photos there.

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Suresh Nair said...

This interview will be quite inspiring for any Librarian, who is aspiring to grow as a knowledge manager.


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