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On a (blog) roll

The SLA recently blogged about, well, blogging, on its Information Center Connections blog. Specifically, it talked about habits that people have when subscribing to and reading blogs.

Like many people, I have a vast number of feeds, and many pile up and end up getting deleted (guilty as charged). But the few that truly stand out, I read religiously, and those are the ones that consistently offer interesting tidbits of information and insight.

In an effort to do our part, we've recently updated our blog roll with the addition of Information Center Connections, and started our next series, How to Cost Justify Your Social Knowledge Network Needs. We hope this helps keeps us on your radar, but more importantly, we hope it keeps you informed and ahead of the Social Knowledge Network and Social Library curves.

Lastly, if you have any blogs that you follow and think we should too, let us know! You’re part of our community, let’s share the wisdom.

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