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Platform migration. Jean Billingham feels your pain.

Platform migration. Uggg.

That's a typical reaction from just about everyone --especially execs and IT -- at companies considering implementing a new app. But Jean Billingham ensures us it doesn't have to be that way.

We recently talked to our resident Consulting Manager as part of our Meet the Team series, following the Q&A we posted last week. Our podcast is below for you to listen in.

Every day, Jean gets down into the guts of customers' KM platforms, and helps transition them to DB/Text Library Suite.

In our podcast, Jean provides unvarnished insight into exactly what that transition is like, depending on what program customers are transitioning from. She touches upon complexity of the data, time required, and more.

When it comes to platform migration, another major concern customers have is, Will my business be offline during the transition? Jean takes us through Inmagic's development and implementation process, and the steps she puts in place to ensure customers are not offline, and their business can continue as usual.

What's also interesting about Jean is her background. We probably couldn't have found a better fit for her position. She used to be a mainframe programmer and a public library supervisor before coming to Inmagic. They're crucial experiences she draws upon in her day-to-day duties at Inmagic.

Learn about Jean, DB/Text Library Suite migration, and more, by clicking play below.

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