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Strawberry Fields forever for Jean Billingham

That's Strawberry Fields, Jamaica. True, they don't have much to do with social libraries or social knowledge networks, but it is one of Jean Billingham's choice places to be -- that is when she isn't hard at work as Inmagic's Consulting Manager.

We learned more about Jean for our Meet the Team series. Check out her vital stats below, and stay tuned for our podcast with her where we find out how she entered the biz, what she does at Inmagic, and more.

I have been an employee at Inmagic for

almost 9 years.

The most interesting book I've read recently is

The Messenger, by Jan Burke.

The last movie I saw was

The Yacoubian Building.

My favorite gadget is

Krups Espresso Machine.

My secret vice is

True Blood on HBO.

My favorite social tool is

E-mail and Instant Messaging. I also find reviews and ratings on different sites (Amazon or eBay for example) very helpful.

My sports team of choice is

Don't have one.

The first song on my favorite playlist is

I don't have a playlist, but if I did, it would be "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse.

If I could be anywhere right now, I'd be

On the beach in Strawberry Fields, Jamaica.

My defining Inmagic moment:

Getting hugged by Pratt and Whitney at the SLA conference in Baltimore. Affection is better than a punch in the nose!

1 comment:

Jean Billingham said...

Just to clarify, Strawberry Fields IS on the beach in Jamaica ... Very nice... Warm, too ...


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