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A thought on KM's omnipresence

Is knowledge management a business saver, or business buster? That's the questions Lucas McDonnell ponders in this piece on his blog. (It's also on Social Computing Magazine.) From his perspective, the answer seems to boil down to this: KM isn't for everyone. But when used properly, companies can achieve the gains desired.

Beyond this, I was also intrigued by this remark: "Knowledge management also rarely sits in the same place in any two organizations."

As you can read in my comment, I think that speaks to KM's omnipresence. Ask someone what knowledge management is, and you'll get a certain answer. Ask the same question to another person, and you'll probably get a different response.

Why? Because knowledge management can be anything to anyone. It can be used by a broad range of people in an organization, and in different ways. As such, I think improvements to KM have the unique ability to make the biggest impact to a company's bottom line. Like Lucas said, however, it must be the right tool for the job.

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