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How customers are bringing business benefits to bear

One of the best parts of our jobs is hearing success stories from our customers. It's a great feeling knowing we've solved their problem and made their work easier.

At our partners conference last month, our partners shared some feedback and success stories they've recently heard from customers. Here are some things organizations around the world are saying about our technology. We've redacted any names and personal information, because we don't have the go-ahead to publish it yet. Anyway, I think we were all smiling after hearing this!

Fine-tuned customization. A new Inmagic customer had long-wanted to set up a fully searchable online database for its new social interest community. Since working with Inmagic, its non-technical people now have a single point of access to easily and intutively find information. The system also allows non-English-speaking users to access information in other languages without needing an English-speaking mediator. The organization was delighted by the flexibility and capacity of the system to deliver this very specific range of capabilities.

Better than Documentum. A museum and foundation with a vast number of diverse documents attempted to implement Documentum. However, the program did not fit its needs. The musuem since chose Inmagic, and implemented an Intranet with very positive feedback from library staff and end users.

Robust, yet intuitive. Fourteen universities collaborated to improve community access to agricultural information and research using Inmagic. Key system criteria included the ability to customize for public use, integration with Google, and incorporation of social Web 2.0 capabilities. The customer found that few platforms were capable of handling digital meta data with such ease for the end user, other than Inmagic.

Scalable functionality. A law firm and current Inmagic customer wanted to grow and customize its ILS. It needed to add satellite collections, self-checkout, and Web access to its OPAC. The Inmagic partner provided an all-in-one solution without having to migrate data, or re-license and re-train staff. The client is pleased with its decision to stay with Inmagic.

Real-time asset management. A leading engineering and architectural organization needed to better manage a library and materials collection. Permissions had been a recurring issue. But with Inmagic, it now has a more up-to-date inventory of materials and OPAC access. This an immediate value-add for architects and designers. It saves considerable time, resulting in a measureable ROI for serials management. The client is now looking to roll out the system to multiple locations.

Reliable access and control of data. An emergency and rescue service selected Inmagic because of its attractive price point and flexible application design. The customer's records were unmanageable through MS Access. The Inmagic project is the only successful IT initiative in the last five years. The customer is now realizing ROI through reliable access and control of files, and conformance with industry regulations.

I think everyone walked out of the partner meeting with a greater sense of purpose and clearer vision of the goals and objectives for 2009 and the years to come. We have a few other items to share with you from our partners conference, including some lively pictures, and awards recognizing the outstanding work our partners have done over the past year. Check back next week for the goods!

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