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Inside R.V. Anderson's Presto experience

Since announcing our Social Knowledge Network strategy at the SLA conference 2008 and Presto 3.0 last fall, we've found organizations have many common questions as they evaluate the platform and decide whether it's right for their organization. They're determining if it will fit nicely into their workflow, be easy to use, and most important, deliver worthwhile benefits.

For these organizations, it can be helpful to learn from real-life customer experiences to understand why they selected Presto, what they learned in their implementations, and of course, the benefits they received.

One of our long-time Presto customers, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited has graciously shared their experience in this podcast. R.V. Anderson is a consulting engineering firm based in Toronto, Canada. You might remember them from our coverage of the SLA conference 2008.

At the show, R.V. Anderson's Terri Zimmer, Supervisor, Information Management; and Kirsten Warren, Manager, Marketing and Business Development, presented a white paper called "Engineering KM 2.0: Disturbing the Status Quo." It covered the company's new knowledge management initiative, which centered around Presto.

After the show, Janelle from our podcasting team had talked to Terri and Kirsten about their experience with Presto, what led them to the platform, and how it's changed R.V. Anderson's KM system. We're sharing that conversation with you today in the podcast below.

At first, you might think it's outdated. But here's why it's not. At the time of our conversation, R.V. Anderson was on the previous version of Presto. They've recently upgraded to Presto 3.0, and are now actively planning how they will socialize the content in their application.

By listening to the podcast now, you'll see exactly where R.V. Anderson was before they started using the new platform, including insight into their business needs, operations, and workflow.

You'll get an idea of the types of organizations using Presto 3.0, and also glean some insight into why R.V. Anderson upgraded and what they hope to gain from the new version.

Take a listen, and we'll be checking in with R.V. Anderson soon to see how things are going with Social Presto. Thanks for sharing your story, Terri, Kirsten, and everyone at R.V. Anderson!

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