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Passions fly during global partners conference

On the heels of our successful Presto for Social Libraries launch, Inmagic held its annual global partners conference last month. Our certified partners from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, and the U.S. convened in Woburn, Mass., for a meeting of the minds.

To say it was "social" was an understatement. As always, it was an exciting week and we had some great face-to-face time. It's nice to talk business and catch up as well. Our discussions were lively and productive, mainly focusing on our social knowledge management and social library solutions, and DB/Text Library Suite.

Paul, our President and CEO, kicked off the conference by reflecting on the company's significant progress and record results in 2008. He gave us an inspirational vision for continuing our success into the future.

Executives from across the organization, including sales, services, marketing, engineering, and support, also shared their successes and plans for the future.

Afterward, we moved on to detailed technical training workshops. We discussed customer needs across several areas, including social libraries, content and catalog publishing, and library automation. We then gave partners tools and guidance on how to best address those needs.

Perhaps some of the most interesting dialogue we heard was the customer feedback and success stories from around the world. We compiled some of these tid-bits from our notes, and we'll share them with you on the blog later this week.

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