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Take a bow, partners

Like we promised yesterday, we're bringing you the winners of our partners awards. We presented these awards at our partners conference last month, and there were many heartfelt congratulations to go around. We also added photos from the awards ceremony to our Flickr album for you to check out.

And the winners are ...

The following three companies generated the highest sales revenue in their category for all Inmagic partners:

New software sales: Maxus Australia Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

Total revenues: Andornot, Vancouver, Canada

Top referral partner: DC Magic, Washington, D.C.

But we couldn't ignore the outstanding work done by many of our other partners as well. We also honored these companies with awards for outstanding contributions as an Inmagic partner:

Crew-Noble Information Systems, San Francisco

Content Innovations, San Francisco

doc6, Spain

InfoCrofters, North Carolina

Infospecs, New Zealand

Mindex Systems, South Africa

Trimagic Software Pty Ltd., Australia

Thanks again to all our partners for your hard work over the past year, and for coming all the way out to Woburn, Mass., for our conference. We hope it was as productive for you as it was for us. Let's rock and roll in 2009!

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