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The Web in 10 years

The Internet has turned 20 years old. It's hard to believe, because we've come such a tremendous way in two decades. But are we destined to continue this rapid pace of innovation into the future?

Ted Schadler ponders this in his recent article on Forrester's Blog for Information and Knowledge Management Professionals. He poses the questions, what will the next 10 years bring to the Web?

In my opinion, which I voiced in the comments (of course!), there will be more information on the Web than ever, and in a multitude of forms. I see the need to organize, search, access, distribute, share, control, and automate it, continuing to be the driving force of the next generation in knowledge management.


Anonymous said...

My my, I must say this is some pretty mean spirited stuff. People are losing their jobs, and the concern is to make sure no information leaves with the unfortunate employees, and that those left employed will work hard enough to make up for the losses. Is it just me, or are the priorites tragically skewed here?

John Callan said...


I think you meant to leave your comment on this post? Anyway, I understand your position, and this post wasn’t intended to be harsh or offensive. But today’s economy is a harsh reality, and companies are searching for ways to manage it.

The point of this post was to illustrate how companies can maintain their competitiveness with what human resources they have, and to shed light on how information professionals can work more efficiently (not necessarily harder) during these tough times. You raise an interesting discussion though, and I appreciate you commenting.


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