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Law and order in the library, with Connie Crosby

A popular belief among some law libraries is that there is no room for social technology. Social tools are believed to sabotage productivity and privacy in a world focused on risk management. But there are some law librarians who believe otherwise, and we went straight to one of the top sources in legal librarianship to learn more in the podcast below.

A self-proclaimed "info diva," Connie Crosby is a law librarian based in Toronto, Canada. She's currently a consultant, writer, blogger, speaker, and instructor specializing in social networking tools. She was recently nominated as one of Canada's Most Influential Women in Social Media by Profectio, and it's easy to see why.

She's an avid blogger, and writes for four blogs. She contributes to Slaw, a cooperative blog penned by some of the most prominent law bloggers in Canada. Check out her most recent post, published yesterday.

She also has a professional blog, called Connection, which she hosts on her Web site, And her personal blog is Connie Crosby, which she pairs with Connie Crosby Links, a collection of interesting links Connie comes across in the library and technology spaces.

As you might expect, Connie also uses Twitter, both professionally and personally, to tap the knowledge of her Twitterverse when she might have a question about something she's working on. You can find her @conniecrosby and @crosbygroup.

In our podcast, she dives into the evolution of IT in the law library space, of which she's been a part for nearly 20 years. Connie started working with online chat and forums while they were in their infancy in the mid-80s, and has been embedded in social technologies ever since.

However, she says that while the legal industry might be conservative, there is a role for social media. Connie offers suggestions for how law firms can use social tools in positive, productive ways.

In fact, Connie attributes the success of her consulting business in part to social technology. Listen as she explains how how social has kept her business alive, giving her the ability to source leads, market her company, and more.

And if you're a special librarian focused in another industry, hear Connie's perspective on the unique aspects of law libraries that other special librarians can learn from.

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