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The SKN evangelist's checklist

CIOs and other information managers are under increasing pressure to make justifications regarding IT expenditures. IT programs that directly impact revenue or costs are given the highest priority. And so as I wrap up our How to Cost Justify Your Social Knowledge Networks Needs series, I leave you with the most important points to make when considering and advocating for social knowledge networks.

Cost reductions through improved operational efficiencies and information access should be strongly considered, especially in the context of improved individual productivity, increased organizational content quality, improved organizational productivity, and consolidation of information silos.

Numerous studies have proven the cost-related benefits of improving information access for knowledge worker professionals. Timely access to high quality, relevant information can have a dramatic effect on overall productivity -- up to 40% in many cases. This can allow organizations to do more with less, and address their cost/benefit trade-offs when examining which IT programs to reduce or eliminate.

Social knowledge management solutions are uniquely positioned to address these needs by providing a low-cost method of capturing and sharing information. This allows for rapid discovery of high-quality, relevant information, and provides a single location for an organization's information assets.

SKN Value Prop: SKNs are well positioned to enable companies to weather the economic storm, and thrive long after.

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