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Want a free Kindle 2?

Then read on, because you'll have three chances to get one when you go to the SLA conference this year. We'll be giving away a Kindle 2 on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of the show. (That's June 14th to the 16th.)

The Kindle 2 is the latest generation of the wireless reading device from Amazon. We know folks in this space are voracious readers. So we thought the Kindle would be a perfect giveaway item.

It's as thin a magazine, lighter than a paperback novel, and stores over 1,500 books. It's a library in the palm of your hand. You can read just about any book, magazine, newspaper, blog (ehem, like ours! ;-)), personal document, and more on the Kindle. You can also listen to audiobooks, and read it on the beach without any sun glare.

More specs, pics, and demos of the Kindle are on Amazon's Web page. Amazon normally sells these puppies for $359 a pop, so if your hungry for a Kindle, don't miss your opportunity to get one for free.

UPDATE: Check that, we'll be giving away FOUR Kindle 2's!

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