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Why social is better inside the firewall, with Bill Ives

Record years? Revenue never better? In 2009? It's happening, according to Bill Ives, independent consultant on corporate blogging and former knowledge management client practice lead for a major consulting firm.

In our podcast with Bill, we dive deep into why blogging and other social media technologies are changing the equation for knowledge management inside the enterprise, and how companies are seeing significant returns from bringing social inside the firewall.

Bill has a Ph.D. in educational psychology, and the subject has been a common thread throughout his career. He got involved in Fortune 100 business consulting and learning in the 80s, and knowledge management in the 90s.

That set the stage for his current career in blogging. He now advises companies and individuals (particularly those in IT and enterprise 2.0) on their market-facing blogs, blogging strategies, and how to be effective conversationalists in the blogosphere. He also writes for The AppGap and FASTfoward, and maintains his personal blog at Portals and KM. You can find him on Twitter too, @BillIves.

Bill gave us some insight into what types of companies are well suited for blogging, how to know if you should be blogging, and how to identify what you should be using it for. He also shares tools for monitoring your online image.

Be sure to turn up your speakers when the conversation turns to social in the enterprise. Bill reveals why social tools work better inside the enterprise, rather than externally, and how social media is ideally suited for helping companies increase their productivity.

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