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Free pass to SLA's INFO-EXPO for Inmagic customers

Just another perk of being an Inmagic customer: We have your free pass to the INFO-EXPO hall at this year's SLA Conference! The INFO-EXPO hall is where all of the exhibitors will be displaying their wares, doing their demos, and showing off whatever else they might have up their sleeves. (We're taking that literally.)

All Inmagic customers are invited to attend the INFO-EXPO for free during one day of the show. To get your pass, just register on SLA's Web site. If you have any trouble registering, feel free to contact us. You can also try reaching out to SLA's customer service at 1-866-229-3691 or

More details on INFO-EXPO hours and agendas can be found on SLA's site. By the way, countdown to SLA is just 16 days!

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