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NASA discovers new way to manage knowledge with Presto

While NASA's astronauts are reaching for the stars, its technologists are reaching for Presto. As you might already know, NASA uses Presto to manage its 12 terabytes of launch, flight, and landing data -- including 5 million high-res digital photos, 10,000 videos, and 7,000 motion picture films. Those video clips and snapshots you see online, on TV, and in the paper? NASA stores, accesses, and manages them all using Presto.

We've touched briefly on this before, like when we interviewed Jeff Wolfe at SLA 2008. Jeff heads up the management of NASA's photos and videos.

But that's not all. We've also put together a case study that takes you through the story of why NASA needed a platform to manage its data, why it chose Presto, and how it uses Presto to manage its image and video data. Give it a read!

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