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Webinar poll 2: Social technology under evaluation in most companies

Check the results of our second poll question from our Five Steps to Socializing Your Knowledge Repository webinar. Here we asked, What role do social technologies play in your organization's KM strategy? The majority of webinar attendees (58 percent) responded saying they're evaluating or exploring social tech's role in their knowledge management strategy. (Click the image to enlarge.)

And as you can see in the graph, 13 percent report it's an integral part; 11 percent say it's used, however separately from their KM strategy; and 16 percent say it's not used at all.

It looks like social technology is certainly on companies' radars, with many organizations in the evaluation stage. Where does your company sit? Why? Where do you think you'll be at the end of the year? We'd love you hear your feedback.

And if you think you have several interesting things to talk about, we could get together for a podcast and share it on the blog for all our readers to listen to. Let us know in the comments!

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